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DISCUSSION PANEL "Tradition and innovation in the cosmetic industry"

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We invite everyone to training!

Happy Science in Ukraine!!!

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Teaching staff Dairy Technology, oil and fat products and cosmetics congratulates

Day of Science in Ukraine (19.05.2018)!!!

Good scientific and artistic inspiration, implementation plans, introduction of innovation!!!

Victory Day!

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Department of Dairy Technology, oil and fat products and cosmetics congratulates
з Victory Day!
I wish you all a peaceful and cloudless sky over your head!

International Webinar!

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0-02-05-e3f58e9eff50fa87f2df17407c4318c7502f0829b8d301dec4f95607b8b65d8c_fullFaculty Dairy Technology, oil and fat products and cosmetics prof. Ткаченко Н.А., доц. Dec N.Ö., доц. Кручек О.А., Assist. Lanženko I.o. 24.10.17 р. participated in international webinar EuFooD-STA “Integrative predictive modeling for food safety and quality – Tools and applications” (“Integrative Simulation safety and food quality – Tools and Applications”).

Leading the webinar was Christine Hrabler (Christine Grabler) – expert in food technology, Data Manager. Topic webinar for students uncovered – Christina L. Silva (Cristina L.M. Silva) – college professor of biotechnology at the Catholic University of Portugal.

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Open curatorial hour

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0-02-04-113421378b08e4586fd855cc9cca82176ea3bd00437ad44c3f750fc59a94e53c_fullThe open curatorial hour, dedicated Day of Ukrainian Cossacks and defender of the Fatherland conducted 18.10.2017 студенти 1-3 our faculty courses. Senior curator Drozdov AI. mobilized all our talented young people for the study. Students decorated the audience Flag of Ukraine, Cossack everyday objects, released holidays newspapers themselves have written poems for the holiday, and even covered the table with traditional Cossack dishes.

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