Open curatorial hour

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0-02-04-113421378b08e4586fd855cc9cca82176ea3bd00437ad44c3f750fc59a94e53c_fullThe open curatorial hour, dedicated Day of Ukrainian Cossacks and defender of the Fatherland conducted 18.10.2017 студенти 1-3 our faculty courses. Senior curator Drozdov AI. mobilized all our talented young people for the study. Students decorated the audience Flag of Ukraine, Cossack everyday objects, released holidays newspapers themselves have written poems for the holiday, and even covered the table with traditional Cossack dishes.

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Initially there were “incoming inspection” – answered quiz. For the correct answer – candy and nuts! From the presentations prepared by students learned many interesting: secrets of martial hopak (demonstrated his techniques!), the leading role of women in the Cossack community, which consisted of dishes Cossack menu, as in modern military techniques secret by the Cossack scouts scout can become “invisible” to compel the enemy and even dogs week did not take any teams and do not bark…

The real holiday feeling, new impressions, interesting selfie – so we remember this day. Special thanks to the students group TM-11 – Tatiana Chebotar, which released “battle piece” the holiday, Vladimir Baklinu, who spoke about the adoption of the military oath in modern Ukrainian army and the military high school, where he studied.

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