Навчальні дисципліни та програми


The main priority of the department of technology
dairy, oil and fat products and cosmetics are deepening
basic and special training for students, focus on their
world level of the industry.
Faculty actively working on improvements and extensions-
tion of educational base of special subjects, 
introduced new curricula.

Name of disciplines and types of training activities for OCD “Бакалавр” specialty 181 “Харчові технології”

  • Науково-практичні основи технології молока (dyf.zalik): Taking – 26 год; laboratory classes – 30 год. The purpose of discipline is improve and deepen knowledge, skills analysis, characteristics and production of milk and products based on it, study ways to improve issues with processing raw materials into finished products. As a result of the discipline the student should know technology features a modern range of drinking milk types, the quality of raw materials (korov'yachogo natural milk); basic processes and operations in dairy vyrobnyttsvi. Justification process parameters, affecting the production of drinking milk types, кисломолочних напоїв, кисломолочного сиру, cheese products, сирів, сметани, processed cheese, морозива, canned milk, etc.. Know the types and methods of sanitization process equipment in the enterprise. Вmyths: use the knowledge gained in the justification process parameters concerning the production of modern product range of dairy products, explore ways to influence the production of dairy products, explore the changes in properties, occurring in dairy products during production and storage.
  • Технологія молочних і молоковмісних продуктів (Consciousness): Taking (3 і 4 courses)- 60 і 50 год; laboratory classes – 42 і 60 h respectively. The purpose of the development of the discipline "Technology of milk and molokovmisnyh products" is to achieve the following results Education: modern principles and milk processing technology for high-quality and safe dairy products, new scientific solutions, determining the progress of production at the present stage; the principles of non-waste technology and resource dairy; technical regulations produce various dairy products; modern technological equipment; technical means to measure the main parameters of heat, mechanical and production of biotechnological processes; methods for assessing product quality, requirements regulatory documentation on products, що випускається. As a result, the student has the following skills: determines the quality of raw materials and finished products; is technology and hardware-technological scheme of production of various dairy products based organization of technical and chemical and microbiological control at all stages of the process.
  • Theoretical Foundations of Food Technology (Consciousness): Taking – 20 год; laboratory classes – 20 год.
    The course "Theoretical Foundations of Food Technology" is based on basic materials and general engineering disciplines and is the reference for the study course "Food Technology", "Control methods of food production, equipment ", etc.. Of particular importance for the study of subjects with courses of processes and apparatuses of food production, Physical and Colloid Chemistry, equipment, Biochemistry, microbiology, etc.. The course is designed to identify patterns of building unity various processes of food production, and establishing processes of interrelation of basic sciences.

    Goal the discipline "Theoretical Foundations of Food Technology" is to build knowledge and skills analysis processes, familiarizing students with the laws and processes, that are common to different branches of food production.

    The main tasks of the discipline is: mastering basic concepts, definitions and theoretical bases of technology of food production; mastering the methods of determining the efficiency of processes in the processing plant and animal products; explain processes, that occur during the processing of raw materials and products during storage hotoviyi.

  • THV (Технологія молока і молочних продуктів) (Consciousness): Taking – 18 год; laboratory classes – 12 год. Tech dairy products - a complex set of interrelated chemical, physicochemical, microbiological, biochemical, biotechnology, thermal and other labor-intensive and specific processes. The course introduces students to the basics and technological aspects of the production of drinking milk and milk products, cream, сметани, кисломолочного сиру, масла, молочних консервів, морозива.
  • Chemistry and physics of milk and milk products (Consciousness): Taking – 30 год; laboratory classes – 32 год. The purpose of discipline – building knowledge of the chemical composition, food and biological value of milk, dairy products, changes in the composition and properties of milk under the influence of various factors, biochemical and physicochemical processes, occurring in the processing of raw milk, production of various dairy products and dairy products changes during storage and the emergence of various defects. Tasks of the course – study the chemical composition of milk; food and biological value of milk and milk products; biochemical processes, occurring in the production and storage of dairy products. The course is based on knowledge of inorganic students, analytical, organic chemistry and fizkolloidnoy, physics, microbiology, physiology of farm animals.
  • Комплексна переробка ВМР (Consciousness): Taking – 28 год; laboratory classes – 36 год. The course examines the complex use of secondary material resources of milk: serum, obtained in the production of cottage cheese and cheese; skimmed milk and buttermilk, obtained in oil production. Students study the chemical composition of secondary material resources, characteristics and ways to get dairy side, methods of processing secondary material resources using the principles of non-waste technology.
  • Контроль якості та безпеки продукції галузі (Consciousness): Taking – 14 год; laboratory classes – 30 год. As a result навчання: build knowledge on chemical and instrumental methods of chemical and technological control of food production processes and the ability to apply them in practice. Prerequisites and co-requisites: general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, food technology. The contents of the training module: facilities and methods of control, concept of product quality, organoleptic analysis of the quality of products, mechanical analysis, methods for determining moisture content, dry content and extractives, ash, krohmalystosti, carbohydrates and fats, alcohol and carbon dioxide in beverages, pH and redox potential, etc..
  • Науково-дослідна робота студента (Default. залік): laboratory classes – 36 год. Research work of students is an effective method of preparing a qualitatively new professionals in higher education. It develops creative thinking, individual abilities, research skills of students, training initiative enables professionals, develops scientific intuition, creative perception of knowledge and practical application of them to solve problems and scientific issues.
  • Analysis of technological processes in industry (залік): practical training – 26 год. purpose of process payments in the dairy industry is the production of material balance, ie the balance between mass enters the processing of raw materials and mass produced, taking into account production losses. The problem of settlement process – determine the mass of the source and recycling, semi-finished and finished products. This use technological instructions, applicable regulatory and technical documents, regulating specific production. Students are introduced to the methods of calculation process in the production of whole milk products, в т.ч. drinking milk, cream, кисломолочних напоїв, sour cream and cheese, а також, морозива, згущених та сухих молочних консервів, natural and processed cheese, вершкового масла.
  • Проектування підприємств галузі (залік): Taking – 22 год; practical training – 42 год. Discipline is considering standards for technological design, Policies equipment, and - addressing the principles of the master plan of the enterprise.
  • Мікробіологія галузі (Consciousness): Taking – 14 год; laboratory classes – 16 год. For the production of quality food study microorganisms, knowledge of methods of microbiological and sanitary-bacteriological control food enterprises is crucial. Microbiology - one of the disciplines of professional training, because the quality of milk and dairy products significantly depends on the presence of microorganisms in raw materials and their development in the production process. Microbiology field closely related to biochemistry milk, Technology and milk products molokovmisnyh, Scientific and practical basis for the production of milk and other.
  • Основи автоматизованого проектування (залік): Taking – 10 год; practical training – 20 год. purpose of та the main objectives of the course is: prepare students for professional work in design, high information technology; learning the basics of automated building of structures; Getting to know the construction and operation of computer-aided design. The course "Fundamentals of CAD" thematically connected with disciplines: Computer Science, higher mathematics, descriptive geometry, technical drawings.
  • Стандартизація, Metrology and Certification (залік): Taking – 10 год; practical training – 22 год. The purpose of discipline: to form students' knowledge of metrology, standardization, certification, familiarize them with legal and methodological bases Metrology, standardization bodies and the organization of works on standardization, Certification and Accreditation, certification and standards, Certification of Accreditation and order objects, international activities in these areas. To prepare students for further study courses, associated with the use of acquired knowledge and production activities in the economy.