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D.t.n., Professor Tkachenko NA. almost 10 years of dedicated development within scientific school "Theory and practice of new technologies foods". The main areas of research, lying in the plane of the leading trends of the industry in Ukraine, become:

  1. Development and systematization of methods for determining methods of falsification raw milk and dairy products.
  2. Development of dairy products (unfermented and fermented milk, whey and milk-whey drinks, сметани, cheese dairy, soft and hard) with high probiotic, antagonistic, immunomodulatory properties.
  3. Development of new technologies and combined dairy products and special functional (for diabetics, for people with hypertension, for the military, etc.) milk-based, secondary raw dairy and grain.
  4. Development of new and improvement of existing technologies for dairy products and baby food Gerontologic.
  5. Development of new technologies and combined dairy products (unfermented and fermented milk, serum, dairy whey and combined milk and cereal drinks, сметани, cheese dairy, м’яких) Pregnant and lactating women.
  6. Development of scientific bases of technology of ice cream special purpose.
  7. Development of scientific bases of complex processing of oilseeds.
  8. Development of scientific bases fat emulsion production of healthy food.
  9. Development of scientific bases of production of fats and fat substitutes special purpose (manufacturing molokovmisnyh, bakery, confectionery, etc.. продуктів) normalized content of trans isomers of fatty acids.
  10. Development of scientific bases of technology of cosmetic products with probiotics.
  11. Development of technologies "live probiotic" and "probiotic immunostimulatory» Cosmetics.
  12. The scientific study and technology development of cosmetic products with anti-age properties.

Під керівництвом д.т.н., проф. Н.А. Tkachenko reserved 7 кандидатських дисертацій.

Scientific school receives support Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine, Association Ukrainian producers of "Ice Cream and Frozen Foods", Association "Perfumery and Cosmetics Ukraine", Association "Ukroliyaprom" milkmen and associations of Odessa region, to which permanently includes dairy technology department, oil and fat products and cosmetics.

As part of the scientific school works д.т.н., проф. Чагаровський О.П., which theoretically grounded and brought a new trend in the dairy industry of Ukraine - production of bioproducts and products with long shelf life. В останні роки понад 120 dairy industry Ukraine prof use design. О.П. Chagarovsky. У 2002 was initiated OP. Chaharovskyy and under his editorship the first time in Ukraine launched the research and production of the magazine "Dairy Industry". Thanks to the organizational efforts of Prof.. О.П. Chaharovskoho Ukraine was admitted to the General Assembly of the International Dairy Federation. Under his leadership and with the direct participation of over 15 years held international seminar "New in the dairy industry". Moreover Department annually provides training for dairy manufacturers, oil and fat and cosmetic industries.

Within the scientific school are members of the department of dairy technology, oil and fat products and cosmetics PhD Izbash EO, Севастьянова О.В., THAT. Şaraxmatova, O.B. Chabanova, BUT. Dec, O. A. pray_n.gif, IA Dyudina, DM Skrypnichenko, Котляр Є.О., Lanzhenko LO, AA graduate Trubnikova, IA of box.