Scientific research department

Кафедра технології молока, oil and fat products and the beauty industry ОНАХТ constantly developing new products, Overlapping with the leading trends in the industry:

Development of dairy products (unfermented and fermented milk, whey and milk-whey drinks, сметани) with high probiotic, antagonistic, immunomodulatory properties.

beverage aM milk and oatmeal DG beverage aM (2)drink DG

Development of new technologies and combined dairy products and special functional (for diabetics, Gerontologic destination) milk-based, secondary raw dairy and grain.

milk-rice DG Milk buckwheat DG yogurt yoy yogurt aM

cheeseDevelopment of protein for dairy products (твердих, soft cheeses and dairy) with high probiotic properties.cheese invention

Development of new and improvement of existing technologies for dairy products Baby food.

Development of scientific bases of technology ice cream special purpose.

Development of scientific bases of production fat emulsion products healthy eating.

Development of scientific bases of production fat substitutes and special purpose (manufacturing molokovmisnyh, bakery, confectionery, etc.. продуктів) normalized content of trans isomers of fatty acids.

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