International Webinar!

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0-02-05-e3f58e9eff50fa87f2df17407c4318c7502f0829b8d301dec4f95607b8b65d8c_fullFaculty Dairy Technology, oil and fat products and cosmetics prof. Ткаченко Н.А., доц. Dec N.Ö., доц. Кручек О.А., Assist. Lanženko I.o. 24.10.17 р. participated in international webinar EuFooD-STA “Integrative predictive modeling for food safety and quality – Tools and applications” (“Integrative Simulation safety and food quality – Tools and Applications”).

Leading the webinar was Christine Hrabler (Christine Grabler) – expert in food technology, Data Manager. Topic webinar for students uncovered – Christina L. Silva (Cristina L.M. Silva) – college professor of biotechnology at the Catholic University of Portugal.

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In the Web seminar revealed:

  • The main components of food;
  • Fundamentals of predictive microbiology and predictive quality;
  • Available web database modeling processes food production;
  • Integrative advanced predictive modeling as a tool for the food industry.

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After listening to the webinar audience asking clarifying questions, which heard interesting answers.

Thanks for your lessons learned!

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