Конференції, trainings and seminars

0-02-05-5f63fa62fc398dfda2efd22f2b8bb0bd3cd0bd85999d46f69d2cb5cb93e4821f_fullTeachers Dairy Technology Department, oil and fat products and cosmetics annually participate and organizes conferences, seminars and workshops.

The results of the latest developments of the department published in scientific journals ONAFT, Ukraine and abroad: Research and Production Magazine «Food science and technology», scientific and theoretical journal «Proceedings», Eastern European advanced technology magazine, Proceedings of LNUVMiB them. S.Z. Gzhytsky, scientific journal "Food Industry AIC" and others.; and materials in Ukrainian and international conferences.

Each year 1998 the Department of Dairy Technology, oil and fat products and cosmetics participates in2 scientific and practical seminar "Innovative solutions and modern technologies in dairy industry», на якому надається консультативна допомога підприємствам молочної промисловості.

З 2004 року Associate Professor Tatyana E. Sharahmatova is a permanent member of the expert committee evaluation of packaging, a filler for ice cream; з 2007 року Associate Professor Eugene A. Izbash - a permanent member of the expert committee evaluating the quality of glaze ice; з 2008 року Professor Natalya Tkachenko department - member of the State Commission on tasting meat quality assessment are dairy products.